Top 10 Smartphones

Are you planning to buy a new handset? Then 2019 is the best year because it is noted as the technological advancement year due to the launch of new smartphones. It is best to inspect every sort of feature before buying a new smartphone but the diverse choice makes the selection overwhelming. If you have a limited budget, do not forget to check the top 10 smartphones with world-class features and durable performance for the long term. The top 10 smartphones are listed on the basis of battery life, the performance of a processor, call quality, screen calibration, and everyday social activities.

1. iPhone XS Max

With a price of $1099.99, Apple iPhone XS is the ultimate model with a gorgeous body, sleek design, giant screen, and best features. it is embedded with the fastest processor, long-lasting battery life and excellent lens to capture the best moments of your life.

2. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

It is available at a price of $900 with exceptional features, amazing performance, great design, and ultimate lens. Long battery life, AMOLED large screen, and best tools make Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus a phenomenal phone. The wireless charging feature makes the handset unique and convenient.

3. Huawei P30 Pro

Do you have amazing photography skills? Why don’t give them a try with Huawei P30 Pro because the phone photographic features actually rule in the smartphone world? the phone is available at a price of $899.

4. Apple iPhone XR

In the best price, iPhone XR offers its customers great advantages including giant screen, fast processing performance, sleek body, comfortable handling, wireless battery charging, Face ID look, and a camera that captures vivid and bright photos. iPhone XR is available at a price of $749.

5. Apple iPhone XS

With exceptional design, amazing features, brilliant performance, and great camera iPhone XS is surely a luxury upgrade handset. In $1000, iPhone XS delivers great phones even in high contrast or dark environments. The face ID, fast processor performance, dual SIM and fast charging make it worth buying.

6. OnePlus 7 Pro

If iPhone XS is too fast for you, go for OnePlus 7 Pro with a gorgeous display, sleek and impressive design, intelligent software and fast charging. In $700, OnePlus 7 pro offers giant screen and the latest version of fast working Android. In the list, it is definitely the biggest phone with a comfortable grip.

7. Google Pixel 3

Want to enjoy a great combination of fast and latest Android along with a brilliant camera. The breathtaking super-fast powered phone makes it unique as compared to other phones.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The fantastic large screen makes Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a Big Best Android Phone. It true that S10 feels better but its features are worth the price paid and its quality is incomparable at a price of $949.

9. Xiaomi MI 9

Appealing polished and glossy body, Xiaomi MI 9 owns powerful specifications offered to users at a reasonable price. Long battery life, great performance, and its impressive conditions surely make it stand out.

10. Nokia 9 PureView

With the five lenses, Nokia 9 PureView captures bright and vivid photos. The fast and amazingly great phone owns aesthetic appeal at a price of $700.

Don’t forget to share your views on these top 10 smartphones because all of them are able to handle tasks admirably.