Freshly Pushed: Squeeze More Out Of Video Marketing Trends In 2019

Disputing whether video should play a role in your advertising and marketing strategy for 2019?

Video marketing is readied to rise in 2019. Organizations of all kinds are tilling an increasing number of cash right into their video efforts, and also with social networks systems preferring this sort of web content, it's an instance of keep up or fall behind.

Leaping onto fads before they end up being preferred can feel like CIA-style job however? Remainder assured that you don't have to obtain your spy goggles on to find them yourself.

In this short article, I'll share these 11 largest video advertising and marketing trends for 2019-- allowing you to get a leg up on your competitors prior to the new year begins:.

  • Live video
  • Square-shaped video
  • Closed captions
  • Video funnels
  • E-learning
  • Video advertisements
  • Videos maximized for mobile
  • 360 video
  • YouTube's virtual reality network
  • Shoppable video content
  • Vlogging
  • Individualize video with AI
  • Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

2019 year is the year for video. But if you're rolling your eyes at how often that's been stated over the past few years, here are a handful of stats to verify it:.

81% of organisations utilized video for advertising in 2018 (up from 63% in 2017).

76% of marketers say video marketing them raise general website traffic.

76% of online marketers claimed video helped them to raise company sales.

81% of people have actually bought a services or product after viewing a video.

When both video and also text are offered on the exact same page, 72% of individuals favor to watch the video to learn about a service or product.

11 Video Advertising Trends for 2019

Are you convinced now that you should include video advertising and marketing to your 2019 to-do list? From video transcription to a focus on online content, below are 11 of the best fads you require to jump on.

1. Live Video.

Considering that the majority of consumers would rather view real-time video from a brand name than read an article as well as favor live video on social networks messages, it just confirms that real-time video is a string you need to contribute to your 2019 video advertising bow.

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter all enable publishers to produce real-time video. Just open your electronic camera, chat away as well as let the world in on what your brand is up to.

2. Square-Shaped Video clips.

If you're wanting to get even more views, engagement and improve the ROI of your video advertising campaigns, square-shaped videos deserve investigating.

Have a 54% greater view-through prices within the first 10 seconds.

Have a 28% higher complete sight prices than horizontal video.

Lead to a 67% boost in the probability of a visitor enjoying a full-length video.

Jump onto this fad by cropping your video clips before publishing them. Tools like Kapwing can assist with this-- but keep in mind to check that you're not reducing anything important out of your structure ... like the leading half of your head.

3. Closed Captions with Video Transcription.

Closed captions aid your target market enjoys video without being forced to switch on the noise. They make our lives simpler when we intend to enjoy a video in a public room, like a train or the workplace. We do not intend to transmit our love for the Spice Women to everybody we deal with, right?

Closed inscriptions aren't just a high-end-- they're required by legislation. Video transcription assists individuals with handicaps, and producers require adding inscriptions to their video no later than 45 days after publishing under the 21st Century Communications as well as Video Access Act (CVAA).

The FCC states that shut captions need to:.

Be precise.

Be synchronized with the video timestamps.

Be readily available for the entire program.

Be placed over or below the stars' faces.

Wish to transcribe video to message and also enable video transcription for every one of your new content? Use our transcription services online as well as get started today.

4. Video Funnels

You likely currently know about sales funnels-- where someone complies with a pathway you've outlined, and they wind up buying. A continuous cycle that positions extra focus on engagement than purchases, sales funnels are a fantastic means to increase the probability of repeat, devoted customers. Think of it: If you're a consumer that connects with a brand when a sale isn't involved, you're more probable to trust them, right?

There's no reason why you cannot do that with the video web content you're developing in 2019 as well as turn your video sales channels into web content that transitions your brand name from vendor to partner.

Draw up a pathway, or collection of videos, that a user can see. Lead them to the following one, giving brand-new information that builds upon what they recognize currently. Then, with the last video, push your item and also convince them to purchase.

One video marketing expert has grown his channel massively doing exactly that:.

5. E-Learning

Following on from video funnels, why not switch the repayment cycle and ask individuals to pay in advance for an educational program such as a training course? The on-line discovering market is growing rapidly, and is predicted to make $286.62 billion by 2023.

Why not prosper and begin developing your own video program currently? To do this, you'll need to:.

Consider a subject that satisfies your buyer identity's pain point.

Craft a series of video clips that enlighten your target market on that particular topic.

Use a platform like Teachable or Udemy to hold your video series.

Establish the rates for your training course.

Advertise your new program via email, social media sites, and also on your website.

6. Video Ads

Whether you're recording a consumer review, providing a product tutorial or merely describing who your brand is, investing some cash money right into advertising or marketing your video material is a fantastic means to increase brand recognition and also produce even more sales.


That's especially real on Facebook and also Instagram, where the price per video view was just $0.01 for Wanderer Bracelets. Their video advertisements produced a 2.5 x return on their ad invest, and caught the attention of 3.7 million people.

Not a poor outcome?

Do not forget to consider video transcription when making use of video advertisements. 85% of Facebook video is enjoyed without audio!

7. Video Optimized for Mobile

Think of exactly how typically you see video and the device you see it on. If it's on some form of mobile phone, you're not the just one. Over 175.4 million individuals are anticipated to enjoy video on their mobile phones in 2019:.

And you require to leap onto it by:.

Utilizing a holding system that allows responsive video clips to immediately alter dimension depending on the gadget being seen on.

Adding huge, easy-to-read message to your video's thumbnail.

Previewing your video on mobile prior to publishing.

Likewise referred to as immersive video, a 360-degree view provides your target market a much more comprehensive sight with video. Take a look at this Facebook 360 blog post created by manufacturers of the Deadpool film, for instance (if you're unfamiliar with this format, utilize your mouse on the display to turn left, right, backwards and forwards):.


With platforms like Facebook and also YouTube supporting 360 video, as well as with tools like Blend Media being on-hand to understand the immersive component, it's an excellent way to thrill your target market in 2019 and also past.

9. YouTube's Virtual Reality Channel

Virtual reality has come to be quite popular in the past couple of years, as well as the VR/AR international market size is anticipated to explode to $209.2 billion by 2020:.

Getting on this video advertising and marketing pattern seems noticeable, best? Yet what may not be so obvious is the opportunity that Virtual Reality gives.

Just take YouTube, as an example. The second largest online search engine on the planet has actually opened their own Virtual Reality network especially for immersive video. They feature "the latest and also best VR-ready video clips on the system"-- and also you 'd seethe to lose out on the opportunity to get featured if you're planning to create your very own VR video.


Look into this instance of how VR video can benefit your brand: Holoroom How To: Lowe's first-ever virtual reality DIY centers.

There's no playbook for getting included on the network-- YouTube handpicks the best-performing Virtual Reality video clips. However, you can enhance your chances by:.

Enhancing the number of video views.

Motivating high video completion rates.

Optimizing the video for YouTube SEO.

Making the video accessible (e.g. enabling video transcription).

10. Shoppable Video Content

Have you included interactive material to your advertising and marketing plan for 2019? Using shoppable video material-- a video that gives straight buying chances-- is an excellent method to connect both, while also enhancing your video's ROI.

You can create shoppable video content by:.

Including a "swipe up" function to your Instagram Stories.

Showing web links inside a video that take customers to an appropriate product web page.

Have a look at just how Nars does this with their Instagram video web content.

Taking into consideration that 91% of purchasers like interactive, visual content that can be accessed as needed, shoppable video material is a superb advertising and marketing strategy to make your content 2019-proof. It's not called the following large digital retail chance for nothing!

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11. Vlogging

Web experiences like Zoella, PewDiePie and also Jenna Marbles have actually made millions from on the internet video. Why not take a fallen leave out of their publication and also swipe one of their finest video methods: Vlogging.

Vlogging is an older technique that has actually seen a rebirth amongst brands as it helps video makers get in touch with their target markets. It's an intimate, distinct type of storytelling, often done as a "day in the life" video in which you talk concerning brand message, business changes, product use or customer experience.


Take a look at exactly how Quuu co-founder Daniel Kemp makes use of vlogs to keep his community upgraded, as with this video: Talking current changes with Quuu.

Not only do you be familiar with the people behind a brand name, but vlogging is an amazing means to break up the masses of marketing web content that brand names are pushing out. Rather frequently, the ideal advertising and marketing doesn't really feel like advertising.

12. Customize Video with AI

There's no question that expert system (AI) will play a substantial role in marketing in 2019. That's because personalization is a crucial part of any type of advertising and marketing campaign-- and artificial intelligence or AI software can assist you scale personalization to countless customers.

Why not utilize it to supercharge your video advertising patterns? You can:

Usage Adobe's AI-powered editor to edit your videos.

Produce video manuscripts utilizing artificial intelligence software program such as GilaCloud.

Harness data on videos formerly viewed by a customer to advise another video (75% of video content watched on Netflix is generated from algorithm-based recommendations).

You're utilizing this modern technology, make sure you're part of the 51% of online marketers who make use of synthetic intelligence for smarter campaigns:.

Chart of fastest growing advertising modern technologies.