Free Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter is a great social platform exceptionally designed for users to exchange messages, media content or statuses among the people. It offers a simple yet intuitive interface for instant messaging for any age. Among all of the social platforms, Twitter is considered popular because of the maximum people using it. It is surely attractive because it has gathered maximum individuals who prefer to use Twitter due to its amazing interface. The statistics depict that almost 50 out of 8 tweets contain video content which shows the importance of video on Twitter. So, downloading is free in just a few clicks. Get to know a simple solution with a free Twitter video downloader.

What is a Twitter video downloader?

Twitter video downloader is a great online web application that enables a user to download all sorts of videos or GIFs from Twitter. In a tweet, various GIFs and videos are embedded which cannot be downloaded through any simple option but requires a Twitter video downloader that extracts the content from a tweet and saves it on the device such as PC, iPhone or Android. Users have to copy and paste the link or URL of the tweet in the text box of the downloader and specify the format according to the requirement. All of the content is saved or downloaded directly from Twitter.  

 Method for free Twitter video downloader

The website to download videos works great and is ideal to use on all sorts of devices whether mobile or desktop. Users can get the video from music account, news, political or pubic posts. All you need is the URL address of specific video or the tweet which contains media content. Just paste the link of the video on the website to save the content directly into a device with quality of your choice.

How to download videos from Twitter?

Downloading videos from Twitter is easy and all you need is follow some simple steps. The videos or other rich content including GIFs will be saved automatically on the device when the downloading will be complete.

  • Just open and browse Twitter. Go to the desired tweet with video content that you want to download.
  • Now copy the link of a tweet that has the video. You can either copy the link address from the browser bar or click on three linear dots to copy the link to Tweet. Right-click on the URL and copy the link address.
  • Now paste the copied link in the URL box of the Twitter video downloader and hit Download to start the downloading process.

Twitter video downloading apps

Following are the best and most used Twitter video downloader that helps to download videos in just some clicks.

  • SaveTweetVid

The online video downloading application enables a user to save GIFs, audio and video files available on Twitter. To download the video embedded in a tweet, just use the URL of the video. Users can save the video by clicking the tweet or reaching out to its timestamp. In the address bar of web browser, press Ctrl+C or select the text and copy it. Now go to the site and paste URL and click Enter to proceed. Select from the resolutions including 320p, 480p and 720p and click download.

Select the appropriate location, if you are using the online application on PC to save the video otherwise on iOS and Android videos will be automatically downloaded in the gallery. Thus it is an easy and quick way to enjoy Twitter videos.

  • iOS application

Documents by Readdle enable iOS users to download video content from Twitter. The app is available for free to install. Just open Twitter from the phone, click on the video you want to download and tap on Share Tweet via and copy link accordingly. Now go to Documents by Readdle and press the compress tab to open a browser. Go to the Twitter video downloader available for free and paste the link. Select the quality you need to watch.

  • Android

It is easy for Android users to download videos from Twitter by using any reliable app but Download Twitter Videos app is easy, intuitive and great to save videos directly onto your device. With the installed app, go to Twitter and tap Share and click on Download after selecting the video resolution.

Final thoughts

Twitter video downloader is the best and considered one of the intuitive ways to download videos or GIFs. Use the great method to download videos optimally by copying a video URL. All you need is to wait for a few seconds or some minutes and the video will automatically be downloaded in the device. Downloading videos with optimal tools has indeed made our lives easy. Some many online tools or hacks assists to download videos on Android and iPhone but for daily use, a dedicated app is best.