Begin Tweeting With Twitter Now

Are you planning to Tweet now? Then why don’t you create a Twitter account and begin socializing like a pro? Yes, it is true that everyone loves tweeting and almost every celebrity from your country's President to Justin Bieber, all are tweeting. All you need is to get used to the giant social platform Twitter. So utilize the essential tips of using Twitter and expand the reach of your opinion. Just fuel the growth with the ultimate complete resource on how to use Twitter efficiently and effectively as a professional. What is Twitter? Twitter is a giant social network that provides micro blogging and news sharing service which is termed as Tweets. The latest Twitter feature enables users to share links, texts or other related media in a tweet. The tweet needs to be of 140 characters but it is now extended to 280 characters. Anyone can lurk through Twitter by reading comments, Tweets or even retweet the favorite messages. Sign up for Twitter Account The sign-up process for Twitter is easy and requires few steps only • All you need is to visit and look for a sign-up text. • Enter the required information such as email address, password or username to continue to sign up. Make sure to select a unique and good username. • When you are done with registration signup for Twitter and enjoy using your account. Do not forget to set up the profile. Profile setup Before you follow someone on Twitter it is good to complete the profile details because it leaves a good image on others. • Do not forget to complete the short biography within 160 characters and let others know about particular interests and relevant subject. • A good profile photo enables you to develop a good relationship with others. Remember bios and decent photos represent your personality so do make a good choice while selecting a profile picture. • It is good to publish some tweets and then start following people because people don’t prefer to follow a person who used to be inactive. Protected and Public Accounts When an individual signs up for a Twitter account, so by default the account settings remains to the public which means anyone can see the account activity that merely includes the tweets. Most of the users prefer to switch to private accounts which keeps the updates private and only approved friends or followers in the list can see the tweets. So if you also want to change the privacy settings of your account, look for Settings>Privacy and Safety. Most of the people who use protected account do not follow other accounts. If you are using a protected account, the followers cannot Retweet the tweets and if you somehow reply to anyone who is not your follower, they even won`t be able to see the reply. Learn to post links Posting links on Twitter in a tweet is a bit tricky method. Links are shared by many people who may include content related to articles, blog posts, online discussions or media content. Yes, it usually common to see a URL added in a tweet. The added links in the posts assist to make the tweet short and easy to understand. So if you want to share a short tweet with a URL, do not forget to copy and paste URL web interface only such as in the tweet. Hence, if you still didn’t get the idea to shorten the link, do not worry because Twitter automatic link shortening tool will assist you and automatically converts the links. Verdict Congratulations you have learned to use Twitter this far. It is surely a technical, comprehensive and diverse social platform with an amazingly vast network. So dive into the network and enjoy resources at the fingertips.